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Chrys’ Amaya Michailidis, graduated in Art & Research in Breda, has been awarded winner of the St. Joostpenning 2023. Chrys’ Amaya will receive a cash prize of €2,500 and a bronze medal. The municipality of Breda provides this annual prize for the best work of St. Joost Breda graduates. Chrys’ Amaya graduated with: THE AIR THAT LIVES BETWEEN ME AND YOU \ BETWEEN YOUR ORGANS AND YOUR BLOOD // IN THE AIR IS THE SOUND THAT HITS YOUR SKIN.

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The jury
”Chrys’ Amaya questions existing boundaries. Her work invites you to get close and has a sculptural quality as a performance. A relevant and current work where caring for each other, attention and focus are central.”

Nominees St. Joostpenning
Chrys; Amaya was selected from a total of 4 nominees, who were nominated by external experts. Besides Chrys’ Amaya, the nominees were: Emre Vander Heijden (Photography, Film & the Digital), Harley van Riel (New Design & Attitudes) and Jane van Wechem (Illustrated & Animated Storytelling).

Foto: Camile Beauvois & Yailan Tran
Jury pitch - Foto: Annemée Dik
Performance - Foto: Annemée Dik
Performance - Foto: Annemée Dik