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Zevenendertigzeventig - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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‘Aan geborgenheid schreef ik: jij bent warm, je bent voelbaar, bij jou kan ik terugblikken en bij jou mag te tijd vertragen.’

I wish I could still lie on my mother’s belly, curled up. Nowadays I try to do the same with the love of my life, but it doesn’t fit anymore. My body is too big. Or are theirs too small? I long for the warmth. I want to hold and be held.

Determined, I search for ways to make nostalgia tactile. I want to hold my memories close, give them shelter, freeze them and heat them up again, hoping they might want to stay. In an evocative kitchen, the space in my childhood home where I felt the safest, film and analog photography will find a home. By visualizing my memories, I aim to evoke a sense of resonance within the viewer. Time slows down inside, while the world outside rushes by.