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Words, figures and drawings - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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I need to look, listen, experience and remember.

In my work, I explore the relation between text, images, and their context. I wonder what it means to place a work in its surroundings. During the making-process of works that stand in relation to its environment, I get to know this environment. I pay attention to the typicality of a space. To describe it, I need to look, listen, experience and remember. I slowly get to know these spaces like I slowly get to know a person.

I use stencils. Originally, I made them by cutting out words from the pages of an old encyclopedia. Der Dichter finds its origin here. By using repetition, deconstruction, abstraction, twisting and pulling on text, images and language, I play out a game with fixed definitions and new meanings I give to words and symbols. In my drawings, I explore my own visual handwriting to find the language of my inner monologue.