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Wander Walk - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Unfortunately, the younger generation sometimes considers hiking as dull, which is why I want to make hiking fun, fascinating and adventurous again!

Wander Walk is an interactive hiking-app where you have the freedom to create your own route. This way, you can discover nature in a playful and adventurous manner!

With a ‘create-your-own-adventure’ format, your hike remains surprising and adventurous: along your hike you will have decision points where you can choose between two unique highlights. For example: a forest area or a viewpoint. On your way to your chosen destination, you can listen to fascinating stories about your surroundings, narrated by forest ranger Frans!

In addition to the concept, Wander Walk stands out with its innovative visual language: a slightly different, more personal design compared to existing hiking-apps.

For this project, I have developed a complete prototype that is tailored to The Kampina nature reserve.