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Waar de sterren vallen / Where the stars fall - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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“Maar ze maken je wie je bent; een mooier en een interessanter persoon, net als die sterren!” / “But they make you who you are; a beautiful and interesting person, just like those stars!”

Having tics can feel quite lonely and confusing, especially if you are a young kid who has just gotten diagnosed. ‘Waar de sterren vallen’, or ‘Where the stars fall’, shines a light on what tics are and how they feel, by using shooting stars as a metaphor. It shows not only how tics work, but also that they don’t have to be a bad thing. Putting a positive spin on tics, this book tells you that it’s okay to be who you are; it makes you beautiful and unique. Reading this will hopefully make those who need it feel less lonely in their journey of having and discovering their tics and contribute to learning to love yourself despite them.