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Vleugelnoot - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Winner AiR van Gogh Residency - Nominee Lucasprijs 2023

To wander through a coordinate in space.

1,60 M under street level.

51°41’51.6″N 5°17’40.0″E

3,10 M above street level.

Whenever I see a tree or a rooftop, I want to climb it. My studio follows me to these outside locations. In my work I observe and react to given aspects that I encounter in a place. As the stranger in an environment, I create additional trails so, for a moment, we can re-wonder where we are.

In this installation I invite you to explore an outdoor location, normally used as a passageway through which people and bikes hastily travel. With stairs and plateaus, I offer an alternative way of looking and moving vertically in the space. By breaking the daily routine of this path, I am not showing an invisible world, but one that is simply not perceived. From below street level to the crowns of the newly sprouting trees.

Once the work moves on,
the memory remains as a marker.
A story told under the tree.