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Verder dan je huid - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Our bodies are so strong, the fact that it keeps you safe and warm. How you’re able to run, dance and play. We should reflect more often on the fact that our health is our most important asset. Then maybe those small flaws you have won’t matter as much.

I have struggled with my own self image for years, just like many other young girls out there still do. After being hospitalised in 2022, I quickly realised that my health is way more important than any of these small flaws I have. I discovered a new kind of self-love, self love for my body and how it has the ability to function so well. 

I have created an installation that educates you on the strengths of the human body. Upon entering my installation you will hear a soundscape of the human body and you will see lamps designed in the shape of a heart, brain and a pair of lungs. I included flyers and stickers to give you more information about this subject. I hope to give younger girls the message that it is much more important to focus on your health, rather than on what you look like.