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Verborgen Getijden - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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The sea withdraws its waves and unveils its secrets to those who can find them

From a young age, my parents and I would often go to the beach to search for seashells, shark teeth, and mammoth bones. Searching for these traces is like discovering a time capsule. The transience and unpredictability of what the sea brings along are a marvelous phenomenon. Revealing and concealing, everything is constantly changing, just like the sight.

The beach, once a place where traces from the past could be found, seems to be turning into a place of the future nowadays. The beauty of subtle details in nature is being replaced by pollution, plastic and other waste.

As a photographic/graphic designer, I show this evolving situation in this interactive installation through a circular narrative, while simultaneously presenting the beauty created with the traditional Toyobo printing technique.

Experience the phenomenon of low and high tide with the rotating movement. The inability to perceive the entirety at a single glance.