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Untitled - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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You must understand, I'm not looking for anything. Actually, what I'm looking for is finding nothing. But nothing isn’t the right word. I'm looking for looking for. There’s nothing to find here, only to look for. Like in the supermarket, the parking lot, your head, the floor of your apartment.

A crayon landscape on paper on a little wooden post pokes up from a grassplot in the distance. Next to it, a boy in sandals, with a clipboard and his ladies bicycle next to a Zoetermeer lamppost. He looks at his feet, writes down a number. What is he doing there? Who is he? What is he looking for?
As a romantic landscape measurer-illustrator and performative researcher-storymaker, I search for, relate to, question and praise places with vague or complex identities. I draw contemporary (Dutch) land and cityscapes, featuring the unremarkable expressions of the Western culture-nature dialectic. Lampposts, grassplots, traffic signs and planted trees, proudly reveal the inherent absurdity of human acting, complimenting the incoherent beauty of our world.
Whilst pondering, drawing, looking for these places, I play my enthusiastic self, inconclusively researching the smallest details and forgetting the bigger picture. A boy in sandals.