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Traces light leaves behind - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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I want to sculpt with my photos; treat them like clay or paint.

To the love I feel for photography.
Writing with light.
The lingered sadness.
The knowledge that slips through fingers,
On the verge of being lost forever.

A photo is like a trace,
A reflection of something that was,
Proof a play of shadows and lights had taken place.
Whites, blacks, and greys.
Traces light can leave behind.

A cyanotype is a light sensitive play with something, nothing and the in-between.
Whites, blacks, and greys turn into blue and its shades.
Traces light can leave behind.

All not yet somethings until it is used.

Wool is a not yet something until you use it.
It can be formed in many ways.
It can be in whites, blacks and even greys.
Whites, blacks and greys that can turn into blue and its shades.