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Tot ik alleen uit zand besta (Until I am nothing but sand) - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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“Each person who passes through our lives is unique. Always leave a little of themselves and take a little from us. There will be those who will take a lot, but there will be those who will not leave us anything.” -Jorge Luis Borges

A poetry book about fragmentation of the body.

In this book, I question the theme in a literal and metaphorical way. A person is constantly changing. Every second that passes gives a slightly different version of yourself. You are built of cells that grow and reshape. They form the freckles, scars and growth lines. All these small fragments come together to form your story but you also leave them behind. Skin flakes, blood and greasy fingerprints. Fragments of the body that leave an impression of who you were and never will be again.

I explore this theme through self-written poems and illustrations. With the use of tape and ink, I created layered images with the body as the focal point.