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To trust on onebodyoneonebody: - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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1. You and me / us, are walking 2. You and me / us, taking care of us 3. Identifying me and the pants

In daily life, my attention is drawn to small movements where being human becomes visible to me. Where intimacy and playfulness is found in something as simple as the wiggle of a toe when you’re nervous or the way you quickly wipe the sand off your friend’s butt after seeing it’s dirty (ew!).

These gestures and moments of interaction, these tiny acts of care and collectivity, are the base of the performative works I make. I isolate them from their usual context, foregrounding them, exposing the subtleties we normally overlook.

Our clothes also communicate and what they say fascinates me. Certain uniforms we wear have lost their practical function and have become solely symbolic. The business suit radiates what’s valued in a ‘professional’ setting: seriousness, emotional distance, and avoidance of expression (if you ignore the funky happy socks underneath them). These values contradict intimacy and that’s where I find room to play.