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The Witch of Eastbrook - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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The Netherlands knows many beautiful, strange and forgotten folktales and “the Witch of Eastbrook” explores and reimagines one such myth.

In the Low Countries, Witchcraft is outlawed. However, the sleepy town of Eastbrook is too preoccupied with surviving the harsh seasons to be paying mind to the Witch Hunt. In secret, a young Witch called Agatha has been using magic to help the villagers.

Suddenly, a mysterious plague sweeps over Eastbrook. The Witchfinders swoop in, declaring the symptoms the result of Witchcraft. They wrongfully arrest Agatha’s mother. Desperate to free her, Agatha and her friend Casper set off on a dangerous quest through Utrecht to discover the true origin of the illness, before her mother gets sentenced.

The Witch of Eastbrook gives a positive spin to an old Dutch folktale from the 16th century, during the country’s witch trials in Utrecht. It aims to inspire children to stay curious and appreciate each other’s differences. It’s a love letter to Dutch history; one to hopefully enthuse both Dutch and foreign audiences.