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The unspoken war story - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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The search for my grandfather's hidden story during his service in Indonesia

In my project, I have visualized the hidden story of my grandfather during his service in Indonesia. My grandfather never spoke about that time, and the only thing he kept was an archive of hundreds of small photographs. To my surprise, these photos didn’t tell a war story; they looked more like holiday pictures of a group of young men.

In this project, I showcase my search for my grandfather’s story through a projection. The pictures taken by my grandfather was actually propaganda material, due to the censorship imposed by the Dutch government. However, my grandfather also selectively chose images from that time to preserve. As a result, I was presented with a curated narrative. I embarked on a quest for the truth, but that truth was left behind somewhere in the war. So, what do I want to reveal of this story to the outside world?