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The Tomato Chronicles - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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By talking about embarrassing situations I’d like to normalise the awkwardness we experience as teenagers

Have you ever done something so embarrassing that your face turned completely red? Turned you completely red? Well, Sam turns red like a lobster but also transforms into a…tomato! The intensity off the shame plays no role in the transformation. Even a small mistake in a social interaction turns Sam into a tomato.

In this book you will follow Sam, a high school student trying to get through their teenage years without too many awkward interactions. Sam however, seems to be a magnet for such situations. They can’t catch a break from the awkwardness, even on their holiday! This book is 52 weeks full of embarrassing situations which Sam has experienced. Will Sam accept his clumsy, awkward side or are they going to have to learn how to live like a tomato for the rest of their life?