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The Possibilities are Infinite; Certain is Time - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Sometimes when we expect one thing, something else happens, which makes us face the infinite possibilities of how time could unfold in our lives

Two strangers wait for the same train at different stops. A series of coincidental events will eventually result in an unforseen meeting in this very train. This meeting will be the result of contingency; a situation that is possible but never certain. While the passing of time might feel like an obvious given, it is in such occasions the unexpected overwrites the expected, and we acknowledge the different possibilities of any moment in time.

In my practice I am interested in the way time manifests itself, and what traces I can find of it. I see the world as one big ruin of untold stories and unfulfilled possibilities, and therefore research these in my practice, like an archeologist uncovering what could have been. In my work, the humble story of this unlikely meeting on the train could become a film, a ceramic installation or a soundscape, but it could just as easily remain untold forever.