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The place where they live and how we move through it - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Lift them up, hold them, carry them.

Step into a world with odours, colours, sounds and textures where you can slow down for a moment.
Stroke the soft hairy walls, smell the strange slippery plants, listen to the whispering pillars, see shiny eggs of unknown species and feel the warm fleshy forms.
Interact with creatures who, like molluscs in their shells, ask for touch.
Lift them up, hold them, carry them.

The speed of daily life causes us to forget, undervalue and undermine our senses more and more.
By observing consciously we experience the smell of spring, the shapes of the clouds and we feel the wind, allowing us to be present in the moment.
(the little things)

Open your mind and step away from the familiar into another world.
Be slow like a snail and notice what you normally rush past.

(stay a while)