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The last dinner with me - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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One of my biggest fears is my fear of dying and death itself. This fear negatively affects my way of living and I wanted to address this issue.

I see my fears as a big black scary hole and I’m trying to find ways to decorate these fears with my colorful textile works. The softness of yarns and fabrics acts as a cushion for the dark undertones of my stories. By ways of playfulness, my works may lower the barrier on sensitive or taboo topics.

The embodiment of my stories may appear through the creation of bigger than life-sized plushies. In my current work you’ll walk into a setting where two characters will have their last conversation and dinner together. These characters have left you a seat and you are invited to the party. A book is left on the table for you to read about other peoples’ vision about death and the afterlife.