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The Downfall of Suguro - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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When a mighty wizard dies, his heir is the one who needs to lead the people to a better future.

The Downfall of Suguro is an epic story about Suguro, a city with magical roots. This story tells the tale of the death of its founder, Merlin Magos, and what happens after this event. With his last breath he spoke of a prophecy about an heir which would save the city, since it was a time of peace no one gave it many thoughts.
After the death of Merlin, the Council of Suguro was in shambles, a young council member tries to profit from this chaos and tries to seize power over the city. He threatens the council, but no one believes him and he was banned from the city.
No one knows this Councelor is living up to his threat, at least no one except Mellin Magos, a descendant of Merlin. Mellin tries to convince Suguro’s Council, but they don’t listen to him either. The next morning the city is overrun by bloodthirsty creatures and disaster strikes; Suguro has fallen.