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The 16th of a august something went wrong with a ladder in a house. - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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|ALAN: I didn't know this was possible. |DEEN: What not? |ALAN: *stutters, can't get his words out* |DEEN: Like an endless protective lantern that envelops us. But a free fall with no ground to land on. |ALAN: Yeah...? Okay....? Am I really in love now?

My artistry is strongly related to the concepts of datedness and kitsch. With an ornamented and nostalgic visual language my work serves as the theater of a troubadour.

Come and see, a confusion that unfolds! Within an alternative reality where naivety will be told. Two dead men trying to find love and light they once had in their lives. To be pompous, to be bold, to be small, to be taught. Let us play and let us sing for you to be thrown into tasteful tacky you’ve never known!

Clichés and the act of overdoing it can be found in my writing and performances. These elements question my position towards and the borders of the arts. In my beliefs an artist shouldn’t choose a medium, they should be one.

‘Naive spectacles’ or ‘pathetic jokes’ are perfect descriptions of the works for me. My intention is never explicit, always contradictory and relative.