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Sugira's Dream - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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You never had this much adventure while brushing your teeth!

Sugira is a stubborn little girl living in Rwanda. She loves sweets but she hates brushing her teeth. When her friends notice the strong smell coming from her mouth, they stop playing with her. That night, while feeling all alone, Sugira has a dream she will never forget and an adventure that will change everything.

‘Sugira’s Dream’ is currently in the process of becoming a 3D animated short and Dutch translated comic book. For this project I was approached by the publisher Wilde Haren to help bring this project to life. We probably all remember being very young and not wanting to brush our teeth at all, just like Sugira. With this animated short and comic book I hope to make brushing your teeth a little bit more exciting for children as they join Sugira on her own adventure of discovering the importance of hygiene.