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Space to be - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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We follow Violet in a cosmic search for belonging. ‘Space to be’ makes you reflect on the true meaning of home.

After a throwaway wish on a falling star asking for a place to call home, Violet has accidentally enlisted the services of an interstellar real estate agent, determined to find her a home that is out of this world!
Together they travel from planet to planet, looking for the perfect abode. However, the feeling of home is not an easy one to capture, and Violet finds herself disappointed at everything the universe has to offer.

‘Space to be’ is a concept for a 2D platformer game, which asks the player questions about the true meaning of home.
Presented in the form of a pitch document and an animated game trailer, ‘Space to be’ highlights my love of worldbuilding, character design, and storytelling, and strives to pull you into whatever whimsical world Violet finds herself in.