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Somewhere Out There (Waar Dan Ook) - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Chemène’s work shows a dynamic, narrative and playful style. By telling a story within each of her designs, she creates unique and engaging characters/illustrations.

Waar Dan Ook (Somewhere Out There) is a picture book that tells a personal story about grief and lessons you can learn whilst dealing with someone’s passing. Inspired by Mexican culture, I want to take you on an adventure and through this journey convey an important message: Life doesn’t end with death.

Luna’s dog Cosmo passed away some time ago, but when she suddenly sees him one day, she follows him to a magical world where reuniting with Cosmo seems harder than she thought. Hoping to bring Cosmo home, Luna goes on a journey through this unknown world. During her adventure, she encounters fantastical creatures who teach her different lessons, but each time she comes close to finding Cosmo, he disappears.
When Luna thinks she’s reached her goal, she learns the most important lesson of all…