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Smaller world - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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“The most of us will be grandparents as well, will this change something in 50 years from now?”

This project started with the relationship between my grandparents and me. As I grow older, they grow older as well. Sometimes it’s difficult to start a conversation about their health and whether or not they accept help. My curiosity on this topic led me to conversations with grandchildren about their relationship with their own grandparents.

In this installation, you can see these stories from the perspective of the grandchildren. The stories are depicted in miniature, because one thing most of these grandchildren had in common was: the worlds of their grandparents became smaller. When you are inside, it feels isolated and closed off. The stories continue after you go away, just like in real life: after you visited, you go back to your own world and they stay in the theirs.

With this installation, I want to give support and insights to other grandchildren about other ways to deal with this situation.