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Refurbishment - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Jorin's work is a lot of experimenting in material as well as unconventional storytelling. He likes to share the joy he gets from starting with a weird idea and still managing to suprise himself with the eventual results.

Refurbishment is a bizarre short film in which a chair experiences life and death through the loss of its owner. Director Jorin Konink isn’t afraid to experiment while shooting his work, as a result there are lots of different techniques to be found, combined with the experimental storytelling you get something truly unique. It’s a wild ride that shows themes as loss, grief, and the feeling of helplessness while losing a loved one. The inability to change the unavoidable coming of death. The cycle of life is reflected through a lifeless object that allows the viewer to take a step back and look at the unfathomable concept that is life from a completely different perspective.