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Rediscover your rhythm. - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Connect your heartbeat and rediscover your rhythm.

When you take place in the experience you become connected to the object.
Your heartbeat will be simulated and translated to a physical stimulation.
The pressure points express themselves in places where your emotions are stored.
The rhythm follows the connection of the muscles tightened by the experiences of fear and stress.
During the experience your focus will be placed on what’s happening internally.
This way your state of mind will be less influenced by the train of thought.
The rhythm of the object slows down and will try to send your heart rate to go along with it.
By doing so it will decrease the survival mechanism your body creates that stimulates anxiety and stress.

After the experience I hope to have strengthened the connection between you and your body so you can more easily find a place of rest in yourself.