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Rebuilding Memories - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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"A connection between past and present."

How do you remember your childhood toys, and how can these valuable memories be preserved? We often incorporate memories into our interior design, but toys are rarely seen, causing these memories to fade more easily.

To make these childhood memories tangible, I have developed a unique concept called “Rebuilding Memories”. Through surveys, I have gathered data on the shapes and colors people associate with their old toys. With this information, I have created a toolbox that allows people to build their own memory totem.

By combining color and shape in a unique way, this concept offers a new approach to evoke memories and integrate personal stories into domestic environments. It enables people to consciously connect with their past, rediscover their own memories, and transform their interior into a vibrant reflection of their personal history. Are you ready to build your own personal memory totem?