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Rebirth - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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A collection of self-made archives. Where past, present and future are intertwined within objects and photographs. Artifacts of my past selves.

I am a Russian spy,
I am the queen of hearts,
I am blissfully married,
I am a reverent,
I am born in multitudes.

All those lives lived, within this body or one that has been left in the past. What can be learned from their stories? What can be taken from their ways of being? And what can be added to this accumulation to pass on to the next life? Within this body, or one that is yet to exist.

Seeking to find out who I am and will become by dissecting my core. By looking at my traits I create photographic portraits of people I could have possibly been before. Collecting and simultaneously making their archives. Hiding my memories within their belongings, my belongings. Hoping to find out more about what consists within a soul. Not to decide on a right or wrong but just to see what is.