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Purifying Spaces - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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"As a designer, my fascination lies in the relationships between people, objects and spaces."

In a world where we are surrounded and dominated by static square environments, I’ve looked for ways to soften and break this with the focus on interior. In my opinion, interiors should be inviting and comfortable, but the reality is otherwise. Despite following interior trends, we see a one-sided appearance on the use of materials and static forms.

To change this, I developed Purifying Spaces. A digital material archive that can be used for various applications in the interior, with the aim of making it more inviting and comfortable. Within this archive the focus is on tactile textures, which are inspired on nature. They are categorized in subtle and statement textures which makes it possible to mix & match, so that products can be personalized and trigger a different experience. These textures are designed not only for digital use but also can be 3D-printed into products, which can be a bridge to other materials like ceramics.