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Perceiving New Unbalance - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Despite the profound loss of trust in my body, I persevered with unwavering self-belief, navigating the challenging path of rehabilitation

Perceiving New Unbalance focuses on the empathy gap between doctors and patients when taking the first steps after surgery. It aims to bridge this gap through an interactive installation that visually and tangibly represents the physical and emotional challenges faced by patients. The installation features a specially designed walking platform that simulates subtle imbalances and unpredictable movements, accompanied by unpredictable sounds, textures and visuals. The installation provides a glimpse into the daily challenges and the courage needed for gradual progress by making the sense of unbalance tangible. This tangible experience encourages visitors to reflect on the complexity and unpredictability of the recovery journey, bridging the empathy gap between doctors and patients. Perceiving New Unbalance can be incorporated into medical settings, offering an interactive and educational experience for visitors, patients, healthcare students and healthcare professionals to enhance empathy and gain insights into the challenges of imbalance.