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Opinions Untwisted - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Immerse yourself in a polarization game where empathy and dialogue hold the keys to bridging divisions and building connections.

In nowaday’s society, connection becomes increasely important but polarization seems to be rooted within our society. It conflicts with our unity. Whether it’s political belief, religious view, or social issues the divide between people is growing and more complex. Being aware of the growing polarization, we can start building bridges and promoting dialogue and understanding. Engaging with one another, we can discover each other’s perspectives, opinions, and visions on certain subjects. Actively striving for connection and understanding is crucial in this process. It begins with creating spaces where open and respectful discussions can take place. We must learn to listen to each other’s perspectives without judgment, show empathy for others’ experiences, and be willing to let go the need to convince others.