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Ongedacht verlangen (Unthought desire) - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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The eyes of society must be opened to collectively take care of the growing group of elderly people. I want to inspire others to approach the elderly differently, with more attention and time. No longer forgetting and putting away the elderly but making them part of our daily lives again.

We focus too much on the negative connotations of aging. During my conversations with older people, I often hear ‘No, I can’t do that anymore’. I often hear that people would like to do something again but assume in advance that this will never happen again. In Unthought Desire, I talked to the elderly about their future and the wishes they still have. I asked, “Do you want to make this wish come true in the future?” During the conversations I noticed that there are desires, but that realization of these is not seen as possible. Often the biggest desires are something very simple like baking an apple pie again, playing the piano or going back to their old farm. I documented the conversations and the time I spent with the elders. I want to show how easy it can be to realize unthought desires simply by spending time together.