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One Last Hug - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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"Love lasts beyond farewell; memories unite us forever."

As Gizzi, the elderly house cat, approaches the end of his life, Death emerges to accompany him on his journey. However, Gizzi’s young owner, Sasha, refuses to let him go. Recognizing the depth of Sasha’s attachment, Death chooses an alternative approach. Bringing Sasha and Gizzi to the mysterious in-between realm. Together, they embark on a profound and heartfelt adventure, where they discover invaluable lessons about the nature of loss, love, acceptance, and how to cope with the inevitable farewell.

‘One Last Hug’ is a story crafted for children to help them navigate the grieving process. Learning the connection between life and death, while discovering the enduring power of love and remembrance of those they have lost.