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(On)Bezorgd / (Un)Worried - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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In (Un)Worried, you stand face to face with adolescent caregivers, a growing group that is often overlooked. Here, they have the space to share their experiences of the unique bond with their family, the challenging aspects, and their resilience.

With this project, I aim to increase the visibility of these adolescents and amplify their voices by letting them be heard literally. I have chosen video portraits where you don’t see the adolescent speaking, creating an intimate experience between the viewer and the person portrayed. Emotions are communicated nonverbally through eye contact and facial expressions, inviting the viewer to understand and emphasize with them on a deeper level. Through headphones you can listen to fragments from the interviews I conducted, to learn more about their experiences. I am a visual storyteller dedicated to exploring social subjects such as dealing with illness and caregiving. Through my work, I strive to provide a platform for those who are often overlooked. Growing up with parents who have health issues, I felt the importance of making this project. The extended versions of the interviews can be listened to via the QR-code on the back of the “”Don’t Forget Me”” cards.