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On the way to... - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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A story where nature comes to life.

As a concept and background artist, I enjoy sharing my passion for the natural world within my illustrations. Bringing a story and environment to life, through atmosphere, color and textures, is what really sets me apart. This also applies to my picture book ‘Op weg naar’. In this picture book, in which I have chosen not to use any form of written language, the vibrant nature is central and the images do the talking.

In addition, I focus on the theme of self-confidence. The mushrooms Mies and Mo have to deal with many challenges. They lose each other in a storm. In their search for each other, they have to make some important choices and overcome obstacles. This will test their self-confidence. Do Mies and Mo have the determination to find each other again? And what will this forced journey do to their self-confidence?