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Now That I Can See You - Nu Ik Je Kan Zien - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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I want this film to serve as an inspiration for teenagers, showing them that it is possible to strive for autonomy even in seemingly restrictive situations where they cannot be the person they aspire to be.

Now That I Can See You’ (Nu Ik Je Kan Zien) is a coming-of-age drama film about the 18-year-old Rik, who lives on his parents’ farm. Discovering that the agricultural culture he grew up in conflicts with his identity, Rik slowly follows in the footsteps of his deceased older brother. He realizes that his confined environment dictates all major life decisions that determine his future. It is expected that Rik will take over the family farm, spending his entire life living in the small countryside village where he was raised.

Rik his introverted nature and fear of disappointing his parents, prevent him from expressing his true feelings. However, everything changes when he receives a family heirloom on his 18th birthday. The heirloom allows Rik to sign the family statute and secure an official position in the family business. Now, Rik must make a life-defining choice that will shape his future.