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Nomad - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Sivar hopes to start conversations with stories that cover subjects of emotions in their purest form: be it trauma-related or common taboos, honesty is his greatest asset.

One of the most lonely, difficult and grievous feelings one can experience is the loss of a parent. But what if you lose one while they’re still alive? The core concept of Nomad revolves around this so-called ‘living loss’ and dives deeply into parent-child dynamics. This graphic novel tells the story of Ebo and shows the cracks that are forming in the relationship with his father Doi, all the while trying to survive in a barren and empty post-apocalyptic world.

When he suddenly gets separated from his dad, Ebo makes it his goal to find him. However, after meeting a little girl named Kaya — who lost her surrogate father (her brother) — Ebo starts to question his loyalty to his dad. He has come face to face with a dilemma: will he stay with his father and continue the cycle of hurt, or, part ways and go on a healthy new journey?