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Net-work - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Within my work I am bound to the seasons, the tides and the rhythms of nature. It’s always a new discovery for me whenever I walk around the woods, rivers, beaches and meadows. I try to see the creative potential in all the things that grow there.

The processes which take place in nature intrigue Roeland Rooijakkers (Utrecht, 1999). They inspire him to look at the world with awe. These natural phenomena belong to a life that is autonomous: flowing in its own rhythms and ways of being.

Rooijakkers is a forager and works exclusively with materials he can gather in the natural environment. Think of rocks, sand, clay, grass, leaves, fungi and trees. Like an alchemist, he transmutes these ancient materials into new forms and installations. His works have a meditative character and reflect the tranquillity Rooijakkers experiences when he explores the world’s landscapes.

Through his work Rooijakkers criticizes the dominant anthropocentric (human-centred) worldview. Instead, his installations recognise the inherent value, beauty and importance of non-human natural entities. Materials are harmoniously intertwined with his philosophies to represent a holistic way of relating to the world. Inviting us to discover the wonders that reside within the things we live amongst, always.