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Mirka and the House of Wonders - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Mirka and the House of Wonders handles themes like loneliness, mental healh, and emotional development. I hope that my story will be able to speak to, help and comfort those who relate to it, and maybe help them along in their own journey.

Mirka and the House of Wonders follows a boy who accidentally finds a portal to a different dimension. After passing through it he finds himself stuck inside a magical house with unending rooms, doors, and hallways.

Hoping to find his way back home, Mirka travels through the rooms. On his way through, he meets many strange characters who could all use a helping hand. Eventually he learns of the owner of the house. He lives in the very top room of the strange and impossible building. Will he be able to help?

Find out how the House of Wonders came to be and follow Mirka along his journey by reading the journal he carefully kept during his expierence. It is filled with his notes, doodles and polaroid pictures he took, accompanied by many other illustrations.