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Mechamaniacs - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Mylène Imholz is a 3D artist who loves combining tech and art in her work to make fun animations

A big building in your city got destroyed in a mysterious way last night. It’s the third destruction this week and it looks like whoever is doing this is not planning to stop anytime soon. The people in the city are preparing for a disaster to strike. Luckily, you and your superhero friends are here to put an end to this. Can you figure out why this is happening and stop it before it’s too late? Play Mechamaniacs and find out!

This project is a concept for a game that’s meant to make sports more fun for children. Mechamaniacs combines a fun story in a cool world with physically challenging gameplay. It helps children get the exercise they need in a way that’s more appealing to them.