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Luta - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Luta (tilting): to move into a sloping position

Multifunctional furniture is becoming increasingly relevant, given the trend of smaller living spaces. Personally, I have lived in small spaces where I didn’t have the freedom to arrange the space for both relaxation and workspace. I would have liked to have had that choice, and there are more students who live in small spaces and also have the need to make that conscious choice. Luta is an armchair that can be tilted to be used as a table or desk. With this, a student can transform their place of relaxation into a workspace. Rental prices for student rooms in the Netherlands have significantly increased, and purchasing affordable furniture can help lower costs. Therefore, this piece of furniture is made from relatively inexpensive and sustainable materials. Luta has open sides to allow ample light even in small spaces, contributing to a positive energy flow in the living environment.