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Love Letter to Stroomhuis - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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A love letter to Stroomhuis; The place that makes space for culture in danger of disappearing.

Stroomhuis is my favorite place, a multi-disciplinary squat next to Eindhovens central station.
A place, from the inside out covered in DIY.

The conversations we have are hard to hear.
The walls are coarse, the hardcore vocals and feedback linger.
Our ears ring from the noise we’ve been feeding them.
We are incomprehensible, because we want to be.
Always almost falling apart.
I’m not going to give us away, but I want you to know.

I’ll select what you’ll get to see, and crumble what’s left.
I use the materials of my world, Posters that cover our walls, ceramic tiles, like the ones our floors are made of.
I collect these treasures and mix them with my own. you’ll see posters from twenty years ago, hanging alongside my screen printed ones from just a few weeks ago.
I collect and archive the art that helped build my scene up.
My love letter to our underground.