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Li Chi the Serpent Slayer - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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In this compelling ancient illustrated Chinese folktale we follow the story of a young girl named Li Chi, who is sacrificing herself to save everyone around her. Danique is a storyteller who is fascinated by different kinds of cultures and loves translating this research into detailed digital illustrations.

This ancient Chinese folktale about Li Chi is one of bravery and courage. We see a young girl who is willing to sacrifice her life to protect her family and village from an evil serpent – the serpent that demands a young girl be brought to its cave once a year to be eaten. The reason I chose this story is because I wanted to show that different kinds of cultures from all over the world have many different folktales that are not widely known, yet are fascinating to explore. This illustrated zine is the first in a series where I venture into the world of strong women from different folktales and cultures all over the world, to show that there is not a blueprint for a fierce woman – there is not just one way to be strong.