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l'anima - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Imagination unveils the beauty in every experience, blending emotions with whimsy and humor. Through alter egos like Lela Void, I immerse myself in the vast emptiness that gives meaning to life.

The real world pains me. Through imagination, I create ethereal and peculiar imagery that reveal the inherent beauty in my experiences. This artistic process blends my emotions with a touch of childlike whimsy and humor. Within my artistic practice, I embody different alter egos. Currently, Lela Void is my primary alter ego, delving into the vast emptiness that gives meaning to our experiences. Lela finds joy in immersing themselves in the past, narrating stories through enigmatic creatures tinged with melancholy. This exploration allows Lela to appreciate the intrinsic value of every encounter, whether pleasant or sorrowful. Drawing on my childhood, where imagination saved me, Lela skillfully transforms unpleasant memories into vibrant renditions of experiences—Lela’s life. Inspired by cartoons from the 80s and 90s, Lela thinks in the language of animation. Nurturing my inner child. It preserves life’s enchantment, reminding me that it is a precious journey to be cherished.