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Jij ziet, jij ziet wat ik niet zie - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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A Hybrid documentary film about the director that exposes his imaginary world with his older brother while recognizing and confronting his own imperfections during their journey.

As a filmmaker that loves to intertwine fictional and realistic storytelling, I wanted to create a personal project and participate with someone I dearly respect, love and learned a lot during my life. My sibling, Robbert has always been someone where I could escape in an imaginary world we both created since we were kids.

Together we relied, took care but also stood in front of each other as we grew older. Growing up, inclusion, archetypes, fantasy and reality are subjects that deeply interested me and is something that my sibling and I share.

After many years we played, I wanted to participate with him to not only create our imagination into reality for one final time before taking the next step, but also to understand our differences and the imperfections that I share as his younger brother despite my brother’s stigma of being ‘disabled’.