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Into The Archives - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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Into The Archives, a fanzine based on The Magnus Archives horror podcast and an exploration into the way horror fiction influences our relationship with fear, made by voice actor and illustrator Robin de Cocq van Delwijnen.

Into the Archives is a fanzine based on the first season of the horror fiction podcast The Magnus Archives. The book consists of the main character, archivist Jonathan Sims’, journal, where he logs and researches various statements housed in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organization dedicated to academic research of the esoteric and paranormal. What starts as a collection of tall tales and fully rendered illustrations, quickly reveals a plotline that leads deeper into the archives.

This zine is an exploration of horror fiction and aims to transfer an audio-based story into something visual while keeping the same charm of the original audio drama the stories are taken from. Every single detail is rendered by hand, from full-page illustrations to small painted post-it notes on the pages and handwritten passages of analysis. Into The Archives will be available as a free digital download on my website, and there will be physical copies to read at the Now Show event.