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In een ogenblik + In ander licht - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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In their innocence, children can marvel at what they see. But as we grow older, the ability to wonder at the world disappears. The demands of our busy adult lives cause us to overlook the beauty around us. Through my work, I strive to rekindle that sense of wonder and encourage the viewer to pause and observe.

‘In ander licht’ is an installation that continuously transforms the shapes on the canvas. Through this I want to evoke the viewers imagination, as how a child can look at the clouds and see different figures moving in them. The projected image is created using a pinhole camera, a primitive ‘eye’ that allowed me to observe and re-capture my everyday surroundings with a different outlook.

I wanted to be able to wonder at my immediate surroundings again, that’s why I started to take a picture every day. I came across things such as a dead bird and a special incidence of light. ‘In een ogenblik’ is a publication of snapshots taken with an iPhone. The pages of the publication can be unfolded in multiple ways, presenting a new image with each unfolding.