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Ik zie je - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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“Through my wordless picture book I encourage equal collaboration between the adults of the future.”

With the help of simple metaphors, children illustrator Noor makes difficult topics such as grief, disability and anxiety understandable for children in her wordless picture books. The sensitivity she touches in these subjects can also be seen in her images through the unerased analogue sketch lines, warm colours and soft brushstrokes.

By only using illustrations in her picture book ‘Ik zie je’, she challenges children from the age of 4 to actively search for the story themselves (or with others).

Through her book, Noor provides a first introduction between children with and without a physical disability. She normalises the image of wheelchair users in children’s books and teaches children to think in terms of solutions by using metaphors. In this way, she wants to encourage equal collaboration between the adults of the future.