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Ik ben zijn - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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De Dickpic Photobooth is het kroonjuweel van al mijn gemaakte peniskunst

The study ‘Ik ben zijn’ (‘I am’) presents a contemporary view of masculinity from a queer perspective. It takes the form of a book where a collaboration was made with various creators, each giving their own view of how they interpret and deal with the concept of masculinity in their daily lives.

One of the works that is shown is the Dickpic Photobooth. Within this installation, masculinity is linked to the penis, sexting and the influence of toxic masculinity. The viewer is invited to stand in front of the hole in the wall, through which they can stick their penis. Then, by inserting a coin, a photograph will be taken of your penis and then printed. This way, you will finally have your unique dickpic to give to your sex partner.