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I walk in order to know I exist - St. Joost Graduation Show 2023
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‘’In the realm of imagination, I wander through the fog of my thoughts, seeking refuge as the boundaries of reality blur and dreams unfold.’’

I walk in order to know I exist revolves around immersing oneself in the realm of imagination. Thoughts meander, and daydreams transport me on a voyage through my past, present, and potential futures. The internal and personal process of daydreaming often feels liberating, yet it can also be perceived as confining and unsettling. The insecurities that reside within my mind create a fog that makes it challenging to escape from. As I delve deeper into my thoughts, the more I get the sense of being lost.

Intrigued by internal and personal experiences, I create intimate worlds that portray the enigmatic aspects of the self. My work emanates from a poetic narrative approach, conveying emotion more so than a mere display of knowledge. Nature serves as my storytelling medium, shaping symbolic realms. Through my exploration of analogue photography, I recontextualize traditions, offering a fresh perspective.